Thursday, August 27, 2020

BBNaija 2020: What happened between Ka3na and I shook my relationship - Praise

Praise Tochukwu Nelson tells Pulse how his four-year relationship now hangs in the balance following his brief tryst with Ka3na.

For Praise, BBNaija Lockdown's latest evictee, nothing really prepares one for stardom like he has welcomed in the last 48 hours.

Just as we settled in to discuss the perks of his newly found fame, an elderly man and his wife interrupted our shoot.

Apparently, they had a bet on if the man they drove past was the same Praise from Big Brother. When he confirmed, the wife exclaimed, "Oh Praise! I cried for you. You brought me so much Joy and I voted for you".

Without a doubt, the show's viewers are passionate about their favourite housemates and the brief exchange between the reality star and his fans was both timely and convincing.

"My social media blew up and it wasn't what I was expecting. I went into the house with 5k and came out with 230k, got verified. I mean it has been overwhelming so far", Praise reveals as we begin our 45-minute chat about his time on the show.

Certainly, the show offered too many great memories to list but also brought what Praise now tags the most 'embarrassing moment' of his life.

Recall the engaged reality star shared an intense, under the sheets moment with former housemate, Ka3na. Their steamy night session trended on social media with fans speculating that the pair had gone the whole nine yards, a theory they both vehemently deny.

"Ka3na and I were good friends and we had an understanding of ourselves outside the house", Praise said. "You know we talked about our lives outside the house and we came to an understanding. We liked each other and wanted to be close friends so we were close friends".

On the said night, Praise revealed they had a little too much to drink after their Truth or Dare games and aggressively smooched. "We never had sex", Praise added.

The ex-housemate echoes Ka3na's statement from a few weeks back where she revealed they were simply 'cuddle buddies'.

However, his brief tryst may have cost him the woman of his dreams as the exotic dancer admits his four-year relationship now stands on very shaky grounds.

Despite encouraging his Big Brother Naija journey, Praise admits his 42-year-old wife-to-be never endorsed a sexual relationship between him and any female housemate.

Understandably, his rendezvous with Ka3na caused a rift between them that only his return home to Abuja might resolve. "I can't say for sure what is going to happen but it shook us very well. Apart from the fact that we have a son together and that's one thing we will always have but it shook our relationship".

Seeking forgiveness and moving on is Praise's top priority even for those with pending apologies that may be backed by denial, a now trademark feature of BBN's Lord Baelish.

For Praise, seeing the video of BrightO and Kiddwaya's infamous chat reminded him of his own shortcomings for which BrightO and other housemates often fell victim.

"I heard what he said about my fiancee and it is part of the game. It's his opinion and he is entitled to his opinion. If Bright comes out of the house, I will still chill with him. It's a game at the end of the day and whatever strategy he is using has been working for him".

It is positive energy from here on for Praise. With the show now behind him, the reality star says he hopes to finally see his dancing career grow to towering heights. He also reveals plans to take up a career in acting and modelling.

Watch the full interview: HERE

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