Monday, April 24, 2017

YouTube Introduces Strict Rules For Approving Adsense, See details

A lot of Bloggers know how difficult it is to get approval into the Google Adsense program currently and now it seems Vloggers are about to have their own taste of the bitter medicine as YouTube launches strict rules for Approving channels to show ads. 

It's a very painful decision though. The company announced in a blog post that starting today it will not serve ads on videos produced by channels with fewer than 10,000 total views. That means any new creators looking to be in the YouTube Partner Program will have to wait until they accrue 10,000 total views on videos on their channel before they can start showing ads and collecting revenue. 

Getting 10K views isn't going to be easy. Unless you can create a viral video or run an ad you'll definitely find it difficult to get even 1000views.

Currently anyone can still apply to be in the YouTube Partner Program, but YouTube does state in the blog post that it'll be adding a review process for new applicants in the coming weeks. It appears future applicants won't be accepted into the Partner Program until they surpass that 10,000-view milestone. "After a creator hits 10k lifetime views on their channel, we’ll review their activity against our policies," YouTube's blog post states. "If everything looks good, we’ll bring this channel into YPP and begin serving ads against their content. Together these new thresholds will help ensure revenue only flows to creators who are playing by the rules."

Monetization through the YouTube Partner Program is just one way of making money off YouTube content. You can monetize your channel without being in the program by creating a free Google AdSense account. This will place things like banner ads over your videos as they're being viewed, and you get paid if the viewer clicks on the ad. It's a different and arguably less stable way of making money off YouTube videos, but it remains an option for any user, regardless of their total view count.

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