Wednesday, April 19, 2017

How to install 5 Best Comment Box Systems For Bloggers

If you want to really enjoy more comments on your blog and make your blog more interactive you must take some things into consideration. 

1. Compatibility
2. Interactivity 
3. Feed Back

It has to be compatible not only with your blog but also different Web browsers plus it has to be interactive and it should be able to alert you on new comments on your posts so you can reply the comments. 

WordPress default comment box offers all of this, Unfortunately Blogger doesn't offer 


You can never comment on a blog running with blogger's default comment box from a low end device. You must use a computer or a smartphone which is really bad. However There is a List Of Comment Box Systems that will be of help to you and your blog.
This List Is Modifiable 

1. IntenseDebate 

This is the comment box I'm using here on TeachTechng. One thing I love most about it is that it's interactive and most of all compatible with all browsers even low end devices .

I don't need to over emphasize much on this since I'm using it on my blog and you can test how it works.


To install this on your blog register at and follow the instructions there. If you're experiencing difficulties. Send me an email with your template and I'll get it done for you. Free.. Yes free.. 


Disqus Is used by over 750,000 websites even by News Giants CNN. However The ability of the visitors to login with their social networking IDs and features like leaving a video response make

it one of the most delightful comments management systems. 

Although there are many demerits of using Disqus. Some of them are inability of place url or links 
on names (hence the person leaving the comment can’t be easily traced), and the inability of linking the social media comments and the unavailability of Disqus when its server is down makes it quite inconvenient. 

To Install This On Your Blog Please Visit


What could beat the social media giants commenting system?. This comment box remains one of the favorites for many bloggers who want to drive more traffic to their blogs from Facebook 

The fact that it shares what the user comments automatically to his/her wall makes it a top way to drive traffic and more comments. 

However Facebook comment boxes have to be installed with app id's for it to work well. For more details and to install on your blog visit 

4. Google Comments 

Current in the Nigerian Blogosphere this won't be very good as Google plus is yet to get more ground as a social network in the country. However if you aim for global traffic and comments Google plus comments rock. It's relatively easy to set up in Blogger. All you have to do is to enable Google plus comments from your blogger dashboard settings. 

5. Livefyre 

Undoubtedly One Of The Best Out There. The Livefyre community comment, a free
comments management system is used bymany bloggers and small publishers. Bloggers love this comment system because of its compatibility with social networking sites which means
visitors can easily interact with the comments posted in Livefyre comment page and can directly access them using Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin. Livefyre is also available in mobile and tablet friendly versions.

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